Nancy Drew

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When my sister was, oh, nine or so, my mom read her pretty much every Nancy Drew book, working through them a couple chapters a night. Every now and then when something would come up for my mom, I'd sub in. Suddenly I'd find myself in the middle of a mystery, with no idea of the significance of the red scarf that Nancy had just found or why Ned was so startled by the old man with the thick black glasses. So it was perhaps apropos that I watched the 2007 Nancy Drew movie while working on some animation. And that should also be your warning that my comments don't come from devoting 100% of my attention to River Heights' girl sleuth.

But I think the problem with this movie is that it was trying to be too many things at once. It was trying to be a straight-forward Nancy Drew adventure at the same time as it winked and nodded at how out of place Nancy was in the modern world. But what do I know - I'm not a tween girl, so I'm obviously not the target audience for this movie.

FuzzyCo grade: B.