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Neutrino Project: The Instant Movie - Sunday, August 14, 2016 at 5:00 PM

Neutrino Project: The Instant Movie
Presented by FuzzyCo Productions and Jinks, A Productions Concern

Sundays July 10-August 14, 2016
5:00 pm
$15 General Admission

Laugh Out Loud Theater
3851 N Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL 60613

After an 8 year hiatus, FuzzyCo Productions and Jinks, A Productions Concern, are bringing the hit improvised movie experience Neutrino Project: The Instant Movie back to Chicago.

Called “one of the most innovative, ambitious undertakings in the city” by Steve Heisler in Time Out Chicago, “a remarkably inventive show…a big, deserving late-night hit” by Chris Jones in the Chicago Tribune, and “a success and a compelling first step in exploring the boundaries of improv” by Nina Metz in NewCity, Neutrino Project: The Instant Movie presents a completely improvised movie filmed in less time than it takes the audience to watch it. Teams of actors and camera crews film and edit scenes filmed in nearby neighborhood locations on the fly. The audience then watches the different scenes mere minutes after they are filmed.

Created by New York improv ensemble Neutrino, FuzzyCo Productions first brought the multimedia experience to Chicago in 2002. For years, the show had many successful production runs all over the city and appearances in improv festivals in the USA and Canada. Now, in 2016, the show returns with new HD technology and a fresh cast in addition to veteran Neutrino Project performers.

New cast members Aaron Branch, TJ Medel, Saliha Muttalib, Tim Ryder, and Maureen Winston join alumni cast and crew members Becky Eldridge, Jen Ellison, Andy Eninger, Lillie Frances, Fuzzy Gerdes, Rebecca Hanson, Shaun Himmerick, Greg Inda, Jin Kim, Erica Reid, Michael D. Starcevich, and Andrea Strening. Neutrino Project: The Instant Movie is directed by Jen Ellison.


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