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Northern Westchester Center for the Arts

Westchester County, NY

Date: Tue, 2 Feb 1999 19:41:07 EST
Subject: Improv class in Westchester County, NY

Hi, founder of wonderful new web page. [...] On to the info:

The Northern Westchester Center for the Arts has been offering improv classes for three years. For the last year and a half, the teacher is Victoria Oltarsh, who studied with Second City. The most recent "semester" of 14 weeks began last Friday, January 29, but people can join at any time and get their tuition reduced accordingly. We give a big show in May. Last year's was a huge blowout, with a great audience. Beginners, intermediate, and advanced adults all in one class. Classes for children and teens also available.

Telephone: 914-241-6922

There's also a website, but I dont have the url with me. By me, I mean Sunny Armer, right at this moment on the road for a business trip. I've taken all of NWCA's classes, done all the performances, and have taken lessons here and there off and on for many years.

Thanks for listening. Hope to be back in touch.

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