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The Kinengkoy Comedy Express


Contact Name: Gabby Fernandez

Group Name: The Kinengkoy Comedy Express

Location: Bacolod City, Philippines

Description: A group of 6-10 players. We've been working together for only a year (June 2000). Some of them are graduates of the first improv group in the country (Handurawan Community Theater) but most of them are fresh, new talent.

I head the group and must admit I've never formally studied Improvs. I have been have an acting coach though for the past 10 years and since 1996 have devoted much of my time to reading, researching and working with actors on improvisations.

Our source books are Spolin's Improvisations for the Theater, Keith Johnstone's Improvs as well the Living Playbook.

We play at a bar called Iron Dinosaur once a week and have 3-week workshops every summer since 1998.

We do sketches, political satire, conceptual dances, and a lot of "live" work: Stunt Double, the Blank Family, Storybuilding, Opera --- all based on audience suggestions.

We're the first of a kind in the country and I'm not sure how many in Southeast Asia are doing any kind of work like this.

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