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The Impro Musical

The Impro Musical was established in the summer of 1989 when I knocked on the door of musical director friend of mine, Anthony Ingle, with a crazy idea.

"You want to create an entirely improvised 2 act musical with only three suggestions from the audience to start off the show!" He cried. "Are you mad"!?

After gathering five other top singing improvisors the question was answered,"Yes you are mad", they chorused in harmony, "Let's do it"!

The Impro Musical exploded into life at the Gate Theatre, London in August of 1989. After this highly successful initial run the show was again booked for a three week Christmas stint inthe same venue. The show began to seel out. The madness, it seemed was spreading.

It may sound impossible but in each performance the cast create a totallu improvised West End musical that really is different every time. After just three audience suggestions the players burst onto the stage and create everything from a Yorshire coal mine to an underwater laboratory

With boundless energy and fun the performers (including, from time to time, special guests such as Eddie Izzard, Steve Frost, Tony Slattery and Greg Proops) wickedly lampoon all the favorite cliches and devices of musicals, from show-stopping full company production numbers and dangerously contrived plots to the most heart rendering ballads that bring a tear to the eye of even the most cynical soul.

You can come again and again and never see the same show twice because the characters, plots, melodies, lyrics and even chord structures are newly created as you see them performed. They have never been seen before and will never be seen again. It's a premiere every night!

The Impro Musical has toured in Holland, Belgium and all over the UK including Leicester Comedy Festival, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and The Covent Garden Festival. So far the show has been through about 700 plots, over 4375 new characters and in excess of 7665 original songs!!

We are not currently performing in a weekly venue however the Impro Musical is available for coporate work or special functions and can be booked by calling or writing to:

The Impro Musical
Alan D Marriott
36 Caithness Rd.
Mitcham, Surrey
United Kingdom
Ph: (00 44) (0)181 648 2498
or E-mail:

The Impro Musical.......The madness continues!




Thanks for your interest. The info on the Impro Musical is still correct but with one addition. We have just finished a 4 part radio series for BBC Radio 2. We don't yet know if we will get another series or not but signs are good. Got to go, thanks again! Cheers!

Alan Marriott

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