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This is Pathetic

This is Pathetic is an improv comedy/theater troupe. We also do sketch comedy and make short films.

We are based in Boston, MA at Emerson College. We hold weekly improv shows on Saturday nights at 9 PM at 69 Brimmer Street. We also have end-of-the-semester shows with sketches, improv, and films. Admission for all the shows is $3.

Contact as of 1/27/97 Amanda Houtari 617/824-7212 (President). Emerson Office of Student Life 824-8637

Our mailing address is:

This is Pathetic
100 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02116

This is Pathetic is 16 years old. We started with a specialization in mime and puppetry. Over the last few years we have shifted our focus to social satire through sketches, improv, and film. We are greatly benefited by the membership of our two resident designers and our cinematographer. We have been fortunate enough to study under Del Close, Davis Robinson, Paula Langton, Jeff Wirth, Kristen Linklater, Vera Biato-Smith, and Randy Huntsbury.

We are planning on touring this summer and are looking looking for other troupes and theaters to host us and to work with. Contact us at our e-mail address for further information.

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