Seattle Day Two

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Friday was a very, very busy day. The two hour time difference from Chicago means that we get tired faster in the evening, but have trouble sleeping-in. So we got up and went out with four of the Neutrino folks to the Pike Place Fish Market. While I was off getting a coffee, the others decided they didn't want to wait for the fish sellers to throw fish in the normal course of their day, so they paid a guy $5 to throw a fish at Bob. Evidently, they think it was money well spent.

After a hearty fish-laden breakfast, we went off via the monorail to the Space Needle. At the foot of the Space Needle is "Fun Forest" -- an arcade and low-rent amusement park. We played Chicago vs. New York lasertag (Kurt had the highest individual score, but Chicago ruled on team score) and rode the little Ferris wheel and put Rachel on the carrosel and made fun of her.

Chicago vs New York Lasertag

Then we went over to the Experience Music Project and pretended to be a band and jammed in a jam room and danced in the disco exhibit.

Bare in the reflection of the EMP

And then, oh yeah, why are we in Seattle in the first place? Oh yeah, the shows. We had a Neutrino tech rehearsal and I was glad to see that it wasn't just me who starts a tech rehearsal by sending someone out to Radio Shack to buy all the cables I left at home.

The shows were good again, with the stand-outs being Jet City's Lost Folio (an improvised Shakespeare play) and (cough, cough, false modesy) Bare.

Yeah, we rocked. We decided to take off from that erroneous listing that said we did vaudville acts and we started the show with me juggling and Shaun eating fire. The eating fire went fine, but then Shaun escalated to breathing (technically, blowing) fire. We had forgotten to pick up some liquor during the day, so Shaun got the Rumpleminze for his fire tricks from a local bar and it's our suspicion that they watered down their liquor, because when Shaun went to breathe fire, he ended up just covering the stage with a fine mist of Rumpleminze, which made the floor sticky for the whole show. (We tried to find a mop in the intermission, but failed, and Uncle Elaine ended up doing a very physical show where they rolled around in our Rumpleminze mess a lot. Sorry.)

And the suggestion we got was "blast," which was perfect for our mood and led us into a bizarre world of Mexican stand-offs and Marlon Brando disguises and Miss Arkansas. ("My speech topic was that there's nothing anyone can't not do.")

Today's about to start off with more Neutrino rehearsal and we've got another show tonight. S-the-D, B.