A Young Man's Journey South

A trip report by Fuzzy Gerdes

Fuzzy got a tattoo!

So anyway, this last weekend (Feb 28-Mar 1, 1997) the Crazy Monkeys went down to Bloomington for the Great Bake-off, an Improv Festival hosted by Pumpernickel. The performance space was in the John Waldron Arts Center, a wonderful facility that's right across the street from the Wild Beet, a wonderful non-smoking, vegetarian friendly, bar, coffee shop, and restaurant.

[The Wild Beet]

We performed on Friday, the first real show by the new Crazy Monkeys, and it went quite well. Friday night Greg and Elizabeth of Pumpernickel let us stay at their house and they were gracious hosts.

Saturday I led a workshop that was a learning experience for both students and teacher (I think I'll do a lot better the next time I give a workshop like that).

Saturday night, after Odd Scrod's performance, we snuck out of the JWAC and headed up the street to Skinquake.


Our friend Michael Sims, who has done several of Liz and my piercings, works at Skinquake as a piercer, but we were there to see Brian Passwaiter, a nice man who turned this leg...

[Leg - Before]

into this one...

[Leg - after]

Cool, huh?

It's the day after and it doesn't itch hardly much yet (which I'm told it's going to do) and I'm super glad I did it.


Update - 7 Jan 1997

Two of the other Deadbeets, Amy Jo and Maria, also got deadbeet tattoos, from a very nice artist in Minneapolis who's name I forget right now. They got theirs a few months ago, but this past Beetmas was the first time we'd all gotten together with tattoos. Maria designed both of their tattoos -- Amy Jo's has a braid to match her hair.

Update - 14 Sep 1998

We're up to four -- to mark his 30th birthday, Robb got a beet tattoo on his ankle also.

Update - 17 Feb 1999

I found out at Beetmas this year that Kyle's had a beet tattoo for some time. Pictures when someone gets theirs developed.

Also, I got a second tattoo.