Dog, SINema, DSTW

Your FuzzyCo weekend:

Best of Split Pillow

The FuzzyCo short film Dog will be screened, along with other "Best of Split Pillow" selections, at the Around the Coyote Arts Festival at Rodan (1530 N Milwaukee) at 6pm on Friday, February 10, 2006 and Sunday, February 12, 2006.

(I think I've remarked before that for a producer of mostly live theater, films are this odd thing that they're still there months or years later, unlike a stage show. And they can go places without you. Dog was selected as a Best Of for this festival without me having to lift a finger. (Jason of Split Pillow is, I'm sure, working like a dog*. Which is one of the reasons he's great.))

Friday night at 11 pm FuzzyCo and Lavender Cabaret present SINema at the Improv Kitchen. People are making noises about extended runs already (the show has sold out both weeks, so reservations are recommended), but we're still only contracted through the end of February so I'm going to say Only Three Weeks Left!

Saturday night at 10:30 pm at the Playground it's your favorite crazy live game show, Don't Spit the Water. This week Erica will be performing as Cutie Bumblesnatch and I'll be filling in for Timekeeper Willis. As Clockwatcher Fuzzy or something.

* No pun intended.