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You may remember Michael Strening, Jr. from such Team Gerdes related projects as this dance that Erica choreographed or his musical accompaniment of this show from our last run of the Neutrino Project. Michael composes and plays atmospheric piano solos. He's taken some of the most relaxing pieces from his first three albums and added a few new pieces for a new album that's aimed at spas and massage thereapists (but is entirely suitable for anyone who just wants to relax or enjoys good music).

Michael Strening, Jr. - Flling Water

Michael has also started playing with Team Gerdes friend Phil Schuldt (ex-R. Buzzy, remixer of the score to many FuzzyCo projects) in a jazzy trio called SDS. They have a show coming up tomorrow night (Sat., Jan 24) at Raw Bar (3720 N Clark, Chicago).

And look what just landed on my desk! Ben Taylor (sound director for Cinema 2.0, oft-accompanist for Neutrino Project, and tall bald man) has been focussing a lot of his considerable energies and talents on his new band, JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound. They've been tearing it up live in Chicago and regionally and they've finally recorded an album. Beat of Our Own Drum will be officially released Saturday, Feb 28 at the Empty Bottle (1035 N Western Ave, Chicago). Mark your calendars.

The Uptown Sound - Beat of Our Own Drum

And finally, they're not actually making the music here, but it's still delightful. Kerpatty: