The Suffering

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I'm chugging along on my project* to play all my non-360-compatible games. The Suffering is compatible, but its sequel is not and that's another of my OCDs -- I have to tackle series in order. So I sat down to plow through The Suffering. I have to say that I was surprised by how good the game was.

The game is set in on a prison island where centuries of evil have physically manifested as demons who are attacking everyone. The main character is on death row for killing his wife and children -- a crime he's not even sure he committed because he was blacked out. As you struggle to survive and escape, choices you make change the answer to that question -- there are three different endings to the game, depending

There's a lot of genuinely creepy and scary moments. I was glad that most of the time I was playing during the day. And there's a level of detail about the prison and its story that really elevated the whole game.

FuzzyCo grade: A

* calling it a project makes it, in my head, a reasonable endeavor rather than the waste of time it surely is.