Deadbeet Logos

Had a request from one of the other ‘beets for the Deadbeets logos we had on our website long, long ago. I have, of course, archived all that stuff (that’s how I do) but the trouble with web images from 1997 is that they’re all, by modern standards, teeny.

This is the swirly beet that I used on the site and that several of us got, with variations, as tattoos:

Remember when the emboss tool in Photoshop was real cool?
Embossed Deadbeet

I also drew this little guy. I really wish I could find a higher-rez scan of it:
Electric Beet

Here’s today’s “we live in the fuuuuture” moment: I just took a snapshot of my ankle tattoo with my phone that is 11 times bigger than those web graphics from 18 years ago. Also, not bad looking for an 18 year old tattoo, eh?
Deadbeet tattoo as of 2015