Best and Worst Photos of 2008

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Best and Worst of 2008

Greyscalegorilla and Coudal Partners are asking people to contrast their best and worst photos of 2008. I took over 12,000 pictures this year (wow!) so I immediately narrowed it down to just pictures I had uploaded to Flickr. That got me down to about 2,200 (so "worst" for me was "worst that I decided to share with the world anyway" -- I'm sure there are some wretched photos in that 10,000). Thanks to Erica and Disco for helping me get it down to two.

On the left: a crosswalk in Seattle, August 2008
On the right: Ken Barnard at a Lola Balatro video shoot, September 2008

I won't torture you with my other possible choices for worst, but here are the other photos that I considered for best (I would have made a shorter list, but I didn't have time).

Shoe in the snow Erica is from the Future Frozen Lake Michigan Frozen Berry Mustapha Nacho Spraycan Tarp and Sky 367 Days - Day 075 Andrew 367 Days - Day 080 JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound Ben JC Brooks Black-crowned Night Heron Light Fixture and Shadows Noah and Jeremy Mid-shoot repair work Stacey Erica Bill creepy basement toliet Loove Cross Walk Flowers St. Louis Arch Beauty Pageant Host CTA Station Apes Dance DADA XenigN.Rén DADA XenigN.Rén DADA Whimsey Seth Becky Seth Danielle Chris Meister nugget Johnny and Violet Erica DADA Hoydl DADA Vichyssoise DADA Brova DADA Cringe Soireé DADA: Schmückt der Hallen DADA little piece of string's little piece of string 367 Days - Day 305 DADA Dabo DADA Flutter DADA XenigN.Rén Soireé DADA: Schmuckt die Hallen Soireé DADA: Schmuckt die Hallen DADA Alvi 367 Days - Day 315 DADA Quiche DADA XenigN.Rén DADA Alvi