Sex and the City

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In preparation for the Sex and the City movie coming out, Erica borrowed the complete series from her aunt and jammed through all six seasons in a few weeks -- she had seen many, but not all of the episodes when they originally aired and wanted to be completely up to speed when she saw the movie. I was so proud -- it's just the sort of OCD completism I'd do (smiley!) I drifted in and out, watching an episode here and there and Erica kept me caught up. I like the show, but I'm not an uber-fan, I suppose.

And then the movie opened and we've been busy and busy (as usual) and we were starting to get worried it'd be gone from the theaters. But yesterday we had a few hours free in a row and finally got out to the theater to see it on the big screen.

At 2 and a half hours, the movie is equivalent to 6 episodes and it felt to me much like a 7th season slightly condensed. There were very strong episodic elements -- problems arose and then were solved without a lot of overlap-- with the overarching story of Carrie and Big's relationship carrying the bigger picture, much like on the TV show. There were a few "three months later"s and reported off-screen conversations where I think we would have had B-plots. Anyway, the feel was fine and translated perhaps better than other episodic shows that try to extend their plot lines to feature film length.

And I certainly can't pretend I didn't get teary-eyed a couple-three times. Oh, love.

FuzzyCo grade: A