Bottoms Up

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Bottoms Up's claim to fame, if you can call it that, is that its two stars, if you can call them that, are Paris Hilton and Jason Mewes (Jay of Jay & Silent Bob). I had picked up a copy of the movie for $2 at a Big Lots because hey, Paris & Jay! And then someone gave us a copy with a post-it that said, "Not that you asked, but I was uncomfortably surprised w/ how much I liked Paris Hilton's performance in this otherwise crap movie." I don't know who that was, and I almost don't want to know because I don't want to know which of my friends is insane. Otherwise crap? It's entirely crap. This is a terrible, terrible movie. And not even so-bad-or-weird it's good like Plan 9 or The Room or something. Just teeth-gratingly bad. It's boring and offensive and badly acted and makes no sense and poorly edited and just really, really bad.

FuzzyCo grade: F