Happy Valentimes, Internets

I don't usually look at my webstats -- I get intimidated if I think are too many or too few of you[1] -- but I was interested in how many people were signed up for the vodcast (latest addition -- Dog) and so I took a glance last week. And discovered that a huge percentage of my hits were people on MySpace linking directly to a Simpsons Valentine I posted last year:

I choo-choo-choose you!

And I do, you know, Choo-Choo-Choose You.

I'll confess that for a few minutes I thought about replacing the picture with something nasty (dang bandwidth-stealers), but then I realized that a) it wasn't taking up that much bandwidth and b) it's Love, man -- let Love flow. I'd probably be a better person if I had those thoughts in the reverse order, but what're you gonna do?

So to keep the love flowing, here's some Valentine's Webcomics:

Medium Large: What You Said Wrong on Valentine's Day
Overcompensating: Valentine's Melee, We Must Destroy Valentine's Day, Hate Will Bring Us Together, The Smoothest Aphrodisiac
Penny Arcade: Precision Ordnance

[1] In my head, I write these things for Dan, Tricia, and some guy I don't know in Kansas.