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Some notes on this discography:

Burns and Schreiber. Pure B.S.
Two Second City alums.

Close, Del and John Brent. How to Speak Hip.
Selections from this album are online.

Darden, Severn. The Sound of My Own Voice
Jeff Sweet wrote "... which is one of the great comedy albums. Out of print now, but sometimes chunks are heard on WFMT's 'Midnight Special.'"

Impromptones. Steamy Monday
Improvised songs performed by the great Los Angeles musical improv group.

Album CoverNichols and May. Improvisations To Music (1958)
Mike Nichols and Elaine May's debut album. The pair improvises over light piano tinkling.

Album CoverNichols and May. An Evening With Nichols & May (1960)
From their Broadway show of the same name.

Album CoverNichols and May. Examine Doctors (1962)
The duo improvises sketches about doctors.

Nichols and May. Best Of-In Retrospect
Selections from the above three albums.

Second City. The Best of Second City
4 hours of Second City sketches on audio cassette.

True Fiction Magazine. On the Radio, 1994-1997
A collection of the improvised pieces True Fiction Magazine has performed on the West Coast Live radio variety program. Available from TFM.

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