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Some notes on this videography:


The Delmonic Interviews (2002)
Cesar Jaime and Jeff Pacocha interviewed current and past improvised who studied with famed improv director Del Close about his influence on their life and work. Trailer.

Second to None (1999) Buy
This hour-long documentary hosted by Jim Belushi follows the process of creating the crticially acclaimed Second City review "Paradigm Lost."


Best in Show (2000) IMDB Buy
A follow-up of sorts to Waiting for Guffman, this movie was also improvised.
Blue in the Face (1995) IMDB Buy
A sequel of sorts to Smoke, Blue in the Face was filmed immediately after Smoke and was improvised by the cast.
Crushed (2000)
This independent movie features 20 of Chicago's top improv performers. The first half hour of the movie was scripted and the remainder improvised. The movie follows 24 hours in the lives of employees of an advertising agency who lose their jobs over the holidays.
Dancing with Gaia (2001)
An improvised independent film about the formation of a dance troupe. From Gravy Train Films.
Dot Buy
An improvised mockumentary about nine months in the life of, an internet startup company. Sneaky Kings Productions.
Fatty Drives the Bus (1999) IMDB Buy
This rather incoherent movie about a bus tour of Chicago guided by Satan is note-worthy for being the first feature film from Annoyance Productions and for starring many members of that company. Directed by Mick Napier.
Four Dead Battieries
Currently (October 2002) in production, a movie from Up Past Midnight Productions about an improv troupe.
The Harrod Experiment (1973) IMDB Buy
Besides a very young Don Johnson, this 1973 movie also features an appearance by the improv group Ace Trucking Company, including Fred Willard.
A Mighty Wind
A Mighty Wind (2003) IMDB
The third improvised mockumentary from the Waiting For Guffman crew, this time looking at a reunion of 1960s folk groups.
Mike Leigh's Movies
English director Mike Leigh develops his movies improvisationally with the cast. His films include Secrets & Lies, Naked, and Life Is Sweet.
Security (2003) IMDB
A second improvised film from Brien Burroughs (director of Suckerfish) about two graveyard shift security guards. eFilmCritic review, Film Threat review
A Session with the Committee (1969) IMDB
A filmed collection of sketches by the Los Angeles comedy group.
Suckerfish (1999) IMDB Buy
An improvised movie which stars members of Bay Area Theatresports, True Fiction Magazine, and Scratch Theatre. Directed by Brien Burroughs. Some info.
Timecode (2000) IMDB Buy
Mike Figgis directed this experimental movie that features four frames of simultaneous action at all times on the screen. The actors improvised through 19 feature length 'takes'.
Waiting for Guffman (1996) IMDB Buy
This movie directed by Christopher Guest was largely improvised. Followed by Best in Show in 2000.

TV Series

The Ad-Libbers (1951) IMDB
Although it only lasted 5 episodes, this variety show presaged "Who's Line is it Anyway?" by featuring a group of performers (including Jack Lemmon) who had to make up dialog for 5 minute sketches on the spot.

Improv Heaven & Hell (1999) IMDB
Canadian improv show hosted by Andrew Currie and Albert Howell as the Devil's Advocates who direct four improvisors.

Instant Comedy with the Groundlings (1998) IMDB
The Los Angeles-based improv group The Groundlings had a show on F/X for one season in 1998. The show featured short improv structures and scenes.

Lifegame (2001) IMDB
This short-lived TNN show was based on the off-Broadway run of the Keith Johnstone improv structure.

On the Spot (2003) IMDB
This sitcom set in a hotel features improv games worked into a scripted structure. Stars Tim Conway and Jeff Davis.

QuickWitz (aka Kwik Witz) (1996-1997) IMDB
This syndicated series featured a competition between two pairs of comedic actors. It was very definitely not improvised, but the competitors were often improvisors.

S & M (1991-UK) IMDB
A 1991 series from the UK, featuring improv by Mike McShane and Tony Slattery.

Upright Citizens Brigade (1997-2000) IMDB
The UCB's self-titled show on Comedy Central was not improvised, but was dervived from long-form improvisations performed by the group.

Whose Line Is It Anyway? (UK:1988-1997 US:1998-2002) IMDB-UK IMDB-US
This series began in 1988 in the UK and is broadcast there on Channel 4. Reruns are shown daily on the Comedy Network in Canada and occasionally on Comedy Central in the US. It features four actors performing improv structures in a vaguely game show-like format. In 1998 a US version of the show began and is currently running on ABC.

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