Project: Snowblind

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So a little bird told me that I might be getting an Xbox 360 for Giftmas. Which is awesome. Except for my stack of original Xbox games and the fact that not every Xbox game is compatible with the 360. And it'd be dumb (even for me) to have an Xbox and a 360 hooked up in the entertainment center. So now I have to (have to) play all my non-compatible games. Thank goodness it's the holiday(ish) season.

Project: Snowblind is a solid entry in the "first person shooter set in a future military conflict and your guy has special abilities" (cf. Psi-Ops). And it took a whole two days to play all the way through.

FuzzyCo grade: B

P.S. Every single time you save, this stares you in the face, reminding you how little anyone cared about this game.

Save Succesful (sic)