Voodoo Vince

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Voodoo Vince is a fun little platformer set in a cartoony New Orleans. The titular character is a voodoo doll, trying to rescue his creator from a kidnapper who wants her "voodoo dust power". The central conceit of the game is supposed to be that since you're a voodoo doll damage to you actually hurts your enemies. But in practice, you can be damaged and the self-damage voodoo power is really just a special area attack, albeit accompanied by clever little animations of Vince being damaged by falling cows, passing mafia cars, and so on. The real stars of the game are the fun environments, which all have clever details like the labeling of storage crates or interesting posters, and the great background music. The music has even been released on CD and I'm tempted to pick up a copy.

FuzzyCo grade: A