The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay

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Erica: "Did you just buy a shiv off that guy and then kill him with it to get the money back so you could buy a pack of smokes?"

Me: "Yeah, I guess so."

Erica, making a frowny face: "I do not like this game."

I've never seen the movie, so I can't make any comparisons there, but I'll give Chronicles of Riddick* one thing -- the game was really good at tricking me into thinking it was just about over and then throwing you into a new problem. Usually I'm pretty good at spotting the fake ending, but I kept thinking "oooh, I'm about to escape" and then bam, they catch me and throw me into the mines or whatever.

But if you really want to see Vin Diesel in a video game, you want a copy of Wheelman, as soon as it comes out. Right, Shaun?

FuzzyCo grade: A-

* "Colon Escape from Butcher Bay". It's pretty obvious that everyone involved in the movie and game was hoping this would be part of an endless Chronicles of Riddick franchise. Oh, which might actually be happening. Go figure.

P.S. For those keeping count, I'm now 5 non-compatible Xbox games away from setting up my 360.