Every Little Step

Every Little Step is a documentary about the casting of a Broadway revival of A Chorus Line, which is a musical about the casting of a show. So the levels of meta here are deep.

But the story is so straightforward: some of these people are going to get the parts and some are not. It's just a straight documentary, so there's none of the nonsense those casting reality shows have. It's just working singers/dancers/actors putting their best out there.

A weird little side-story: one of the actors up for a role is Charlotte d'Amboise and in one of the interviews we meet her father, Jacques d'Amboise, who talks about being a ballet dancer and knee surgery and so on. After we were done with the movie we were IMDBing, as one does, and saw that Charlotte was married to Terrance Mann, who had played Larry in the movie of the musical and we thought it odd that they hadn't mentioned that in the documentary. Watching all the dancing put Erica in the mood for Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and just before we watched it Erica mentioned that her favorite of all the brothers was "the ballet dancer". We watch the movie (more on that weirdness later) and then as credits roll... Ephraim Pontipee: Jacques d'Amboise, courtesy New York City Ballet. !!!

FuzzyCo grade: A